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Take a look at this page: http://kafkahostel.webs.com/


New Kafka Web Site

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New web site with lots of pictures and fun toys to play with. Widgets, Gadgets and more.



new Kafka web site

Gregor Samsa in The Heartland

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We´re now serving Baltika 7, Russia´s #1 export beer.  Half litre bottles for Q26.  Is nice!


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833635_mediumsquareWe´re starting happy hour at the beginning of the game, and choose your team: When they score a goal we´ll give you a free beer (if you´ve already got one in your hand.) Two screens and a smoking section!

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Stop drinking and go here:

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It´s the giant red building that you all stumble past daily.  It´s on the corner of 6th ave and 4th calle and there´s great stuff going on in there. The website is weirdly complicated, but they produce great leaflets (espacioce) that you can pick up at Kafka or most any other joint in town. They play depressing movies every Wednesday, there´s a great art show up, and right now they´ve got a series of movies from Iraq on Monday nights. Not to mention the main courtyard is one of the most peaceful places in town. Put down the bottle and go check it out. Oh yeah, and it´s all free.